The Corporate group

Heinrich Elbracht Assekuranz-Makler and Störk & Terbeek were originally incorporated in 1972 in Emden/ Germany. Since that time these companies are based in Emden.

Heinrich Elbracht Insurance Brokers GmbH & Co KG is specialized in maritime risks. Störk & Terbeek Insurance Brokers GmbH & Co KG focusses on private and commercial non-marine business. A staff of 20, working as a team, takes care of a steadily growing number of clients. It is our ideal that each and every client can rely on us – before, during and after the signing of an insurance contract. We value long term client relationship, based on partnership. The fact that some clients are consulting us in insurance matters since our inception confirms our belief in this core value.

The ISO-certification facilitates to evaluate and steadily improve our operational procedures and quality of support service.