Claims service

The competent management of marine claims has always been a principal item of our service (apart from placing your insurance). Our team consisting of experienced mariners and lawyers are entrusted with the claim management and coordinates all necessary processes with all parties for our clients.

Also after close of business our claims department is available 24/7 via our service hotline. We assist in urgent matters, with necessary tender projects, jointly prepare the presentation of the claim against the insurers, make sure you receive appropriate payments on account and take care of reimbursement of all allowed costs under the policy.

No matter whether we are dealing with a complex cross-liability-case or a simple particular average: our claims team is at your side from the first reporting of a matter to finalizing the claims documentation and final settlement of the case with the insurers.

We have access to a wide range of correspondents in all relevant ports, to experts for nautical matters, maritime lawyers, and other expert in the field. Our team will be with you in order to prevent ship arrests, advising on the legal situation after an average or when taking regress. A far-ranging service is crucial for our team.


Average Report

P&I Correspondent

Apart from our broker business we are also available as correspondents for P&I-Clubs and other insurances in the ports of Emden, Leer and other nearby places. We are listed as correspondents for Skuld and Norwegian Hull Club.